Steward Advice by Pastor John Avanzini

Published: 25th November 2009
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Priest John Avanzini teaches us valet tips :
At this very moment, you are holding in your hand 156
offertory teaching outlines that really get the job done. Like
all busy priests, doubtless you occasionally find yourself brush-
ing thru your Bible at the last moment to discover a verse or
two for the offering. Strange as it may seem, this important
part of the service frequently receives only a fleeting thought in-

If you may quickly thumb thru these pages, you will
well as being divided into weekly subjects. And best of all,
t they are local - church oriented.
John Avanzini teaches about the importance of tithes
The importance of methodically teaching about tithes
God places on these subjects.

' The tithe. Is the Lord's : it is holy unto

If the tithe is holy to the Lord, it most certainly should be

John Avanzini teaches us that God wants us to be sanctified
I won't spend any time attempting to convince you that
something is wrong with the fiscal condition of Our Lord God's
people. to be financially sanctified.

'T he blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich and
even though it may be God's need to bless us, it is obvious
that most of His kids don't walk in the monetary abun-
dance He planned for them. coming goes miles beyond the impact it has on the private
finances of His children. It is going to the heart of world

'. the Lord shall be saved.' -- Romans 10:13
While the Word of God states clearly that the cost of
salvation has been paid in full by our Lord's death on Cal-

How shall they preach, except they be'
sent? .' -- Romans 10:15

About John Avanzini

John Avanzini is a televangelist evangelizing the message of monetary wealth. He proves that Jesus and his supporters were financially well off. The believer is promised great wealth. He got his doctorate degree from Baptist Christian college in Shreveport Louisiana.

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